We use Gerrit as the primary place for hosting code and conducting code reviews. It is hosted on in RDU.


When upgrading, remember the plugin version should match the version of Gerrit. We have the following plugins installed on our instance (apart from the default ones):


Two repositories from our instance are replicated onto Github

  • glusterfs
  • glusterfs-specs

Authentication Issues

In June 2016, we upgraded Gerrit from 2.9 to 2.12.2. This caused login issues for a lot of users. In older versions of Gerrit, users could set a username after login. In newer versions, not only did this ability go away, Gerrit required that your Gerrit username must match your Github username. It would throw an error if your Gerrit username and Github username were not the same. To fix this, we changed everyone’s Gerrit username to match their Github username. This cleared up the issues for everyone who had trouble back then.

In the recent months, we’ve noticed that when some of the previously active users tried to sign in, they’d run into troubles that looked very much like the old problems. The easiest solution has been to find their old account and remove the entries from accounts_external_ids table. Changing the username entries on Gerrit does not seem to work anymore. I recommend attempting this on staging first and confirming all is well before trying on production.

Gerrit has completely switched to NoteDB for User information, so any hacks we had that needed PostgreSQL queries will not work anymore.